This site offers a service for high level lodgings that want to scientifically certify the Happiness offered to their clients during their stay (provided it is longer than four nights).

The methodology is clear and it provides the clients a free service that can be very appreciated: the Happiness Service“. This is a special service that allows, to the client who desires it, to receive a personalized Report with the signature of a professional Psychology. The Psychologist will scientifically measure the increase of clients’ well-being during their stay.

In this document, the client will find the feedback reporting the changes:

  • in his / her Optimism,
  • in his / her Emotional State,
  • in his / her Perceived Stress,
  • in his / her Individual Happiness.

Click here to see an example of such a Report.

The clients who want to receive their own Psychological Report at the end of their holiday, must complete two simple online questionnaires that require an average of eight minutes each to be completed.

  • The first questionnaire (called ‘Test’) must be completed within the 15 days prior to the departure for the holiday.
  • The second questionnaire (called ‘ReTest’) will be filled in by the client at the end of the holiday while at their lodging.

After the ‘ReTest’, by comparison with the data provided in the ‘Test’, the Psychological Report is immediately processed and made available to the client.

Through the statistical analysis of the Happiness measured in a group of Clients, the International Association for Happiness Psychology certifies to the lodging the mean increment of Happiness offered by their facilities. As such, the lodging can use such certification, expressed by the number of “Happy Faces” received (between 1H5 and 5H5 ) for the purpose of communication and publicity.

The tourist facilities interested in measuring the happiness provided to their clients by their services, may contact the Association at the following e-mail address: